International Transport

KORD has partnered with industry-leading professionals around the globe and will oversee every step of transport, starting from the manufacturer. We will manage the mandatory filing of Electronic Export Information (EEI) to the Automated Export System (AES), as well as any other compliance requirements. 

Warehousing & Distribution

Whether your product is stored in a wareshouse or is distributed direct to the consumer, KORD will curate the best solution for your domestic shipping needs. With our proprietary FoodKord software, you can easily track your shipments and manage inventory.


Whichever platform you choose to list your product, our dedicated professionals will assist in creating a profile for your business and streamlining your sales.

Customs Compliance

KORD's in-house team of experienced Freight Forwarders and licensed Customs Brokers will be by your side to advise on all required documentation, keeping both digital and hardcopy records, to ensure the seamless transport of your product. We will manage the preparation, submission, and storage of required invoices and product information. All of our clients' goods are evaluated for federal taxes and fees or duties, as well as for any applicable special or reduced tariffs.